• Sinopec


    Our company has established firm and long-term cooperation with Sinopec. As the translation vendor for its Iran oilfield project

  • Airport


    In 2014, we were shortlisted by the China National Aero-technology International Engineering Corporation.

  • “Survey report” of UNDP

    “Survey report” of UNDP

    The business relationship with UNDP first began in 2006 and both parties have continued to maintain smooth co-operation. In June 2017, UNDP sent us a batch of survey reports for translation, and asked us to finish in two weeks.

  • Bayerer


    Since we became the translation vendor of Bayer in 2014, we have undertaken many translation tasks in such language pairs as English-Chinese, German-Chinese and German-English for the client.

  • CHD


    The cooperation with China Huadian Corporation (CHC) started in 2009. CHC is a large state-owned power company under SASAC. To implement the national “going global” strategy and Belt and Road Initiative

  • China Oilfield

    China Oilfield

    In 2016, we were entrusted by China Oilfield Services Limited to translate some oilfield exploration and development manuals.

  • ABB


    After strict screening and rounds of test, we were shortlisted as a translation vendor of ABB in 2014. ABB has a large amount of technical documents and project materials waiting to be translated.

  • Novartis


    Since 2015, we have been working as a translation vendor of Novartis and have translated a large number of clinical test reports, drug instructions, and manuals of medical devices and equipment.

  • Microsoft


    In 2017, we were entrusted by Microsoft to undertake a software localization project.

  • Boeing


    We once undertook a large translation task for Boeing. The assignment numbers 4 million words and Boeing wanted to have it done in 3 months.