We provide translation, interpretation, certificate translation, multimedia translation and localization translation services. We know that translation quotation is a crucial part of cost control and procurement management. For years, we’ve upheld the philosophy of “providing the best services at the lowest possible prices”. We offer translation services at varying levels and with different characteristics for clients to choose from (Note: The following quotations are for reference only, and precise quotations will be subject to the difficulties of documents, complexity of technical processing and the urgency of time.
Localization translation
Type of serviceEnglishJapanese, Korean, German, French, RussianMinority languages
Website localization200-350280-400350-600
Software localization200-350280-400350-600
Game localization240-400280-450350-650

Unit: yuan/1,000 words  

Friendly reminder:

1. The said quotations are for reference only. Precise quotations are subject to the difficulties of documents, complexity of technical processing, urgency of time limits, requirements about typesetting and request for proofreading by foreign experts.

2. Word count is based on Chinese documents, and shown in Microsoft Word “toolbar” - “characters statistics”-“character number (without spaces)”.

3. We’ll charge extra fees for urgent translation service.

4. CESC strictly follows the national standards of the People’s Republic of China, including the Specification for Translation Service Part 1: Translation (GB/T1936.1-2008) and Target Text Quality Requirements for Translation Services (GB/T18692-2005), to ensure the target text quality to reach the industrial level.