Website translation

Website translation refers to translating the words, pictures, animation or other parts of a website in part or in full into the languages required by customers.

CESC provides website translation mainly from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese, including translation of government websites, business websites, foreign trade websites, tourism websites and enterprise profiles in websites.

Service items

Ø Software interface contact help (including network-based applications and mobile applications);

Ø Multi-media (video, voice, animation, subtitle and text messages)

Ø Websites (official websites of companies and organizations, e-commerce websites) 

Ø Product instructions and maintenance manuals;

Ø Market promotion and marketing information;

Ø Training materials and online teaching courseware;

Ø Business management and business intelligence systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, SCM); 

Ø Games 


1. Demand analysis: Communicate with customers and confirm which parts are to be translated and which parts are not to be translated;

2. Webpage translation: Extract the contents on the webpages to be translated and translate them;

3. Localization of images and animation: Process the images and animation to be localized;

4. Translation of webpage codes: Replace the source language with the target language, adjust html codes and make localized webpages;

5. Translation of website background programs: Translate and localize background programs;

6. Website translation test: Release the localized test version and run it on a trial basis to ensure the normal operation of the website;

7. Website translation release: Release the official version of the website.