Multi-media translation

At CESC, multi-media translation is a complex process from script translation, recording and post production to integration of the final products. 

We have rich experience in multi-language recording, complete multi-media localization equipment as well as a reliable supply of well-trained translators/interpreters and skilled recording engineers to ensure the accurate implementation of multi-media localization projects.

We save your multi-media information in DAT, audio or data CD or common computer storage media. We can provide all the common digital audio or video files in either uncompressed or compressed formats, and can send electronic files to you via e-mail, FTP or other means.

CESC provides the following Multi-media localization services

⊙Recording and mixing of voices and narrations in DAT, Beta SP or hard disks;

⊙Translation and production of audio and video files;

⊙Digitalization of audio and video files;

⊙Translation and dubbing; 

⊙Voice localization;

⊙Localization of multi-media courseware; 

⊙Company and AV presentation script videotapes;

⊙Voice prompts in telephone or other computer systems;

⊙Audio books;

⊙Education & entertainment; 

⊙Audio and data CD-ROM.