We provide translation, interpretation, certificate translation, multimedia translation and localization translation services. We know that translation quotation is a crucial part of cost control and procurement management. For years, we’ve upheld the philosophy of “providing the best services at the lowest possible prices”. We offer translation services at varying levels and with different characteristics for clients to choose from (Note: The following quotations are for reference only, and precise quotations will be subject to the difficulties of documents, complexity of technical processing and the urgency of time.
Multimedia quotation
Type of translationEnglishJapanese, Korean, German, French, RussianMinority languages
(Quotation for minority language translation subject to further consulting)
Audio & video listening and translation80-120120-200150-200
Subtitle translation200-350/1,000 words280-400/1,000 words350-600/1,000 words

Unit: yuan/minute 

Friendly reminder:

1. The said quotations are for reference only;

2. A deposit equivalent to 50% of the fees estimated based on audio/video duration will be charged.