Software localization

Software localization refers to the customization of a software or application based on the native language. Software localization and Chinesization mainly include the translation of words and source codes, adjustment of user interfaces, development of local features and production of online files and printed manuals, with the aim to ensure the normal operation of the software in the localized version.

Contents of software localization

Translation is the first job to do in localization, and generally includes three parts

1. Translation of user interfaces: Translation of source codes, translation of application installation packages, translation of the words in images or pictures, translation of databases and translation of websites;

2. Translation of online files: Translation of pdf files, translation of HTML Help files and translation of software patents;

3. Translation of users’ manuals: Translation of software instructions, translation of users’ manuals, translation of promotion videos, translation of video subtitles and translation of developers’ profiles.


We provide localization or Chinesization of software in English, Germany, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and other languages.

Process of software Chinesization

CESC follows a strict quality management system for software localization, with the detailed process as follows

1. Establish a configuration management system and track the source codes of the target language in different versions;

2. Create and maintain the glossary;

3. Separate resource files or extract the files to be localized from source language codes;

4. Translate the separated or extracted files or pictures into the target language;

5. Insert the translated files or pictures into the source codes of the target language;

6. Translate and edit the source codes of the target language if necessary;

7. Test the translated software, and adjust the user interface to make it adapt to the translated scripts;

8. Test the localized software to ensure both the formats and contents are correct.