Japanese translation companies

Japanese translation

CESC is a specialized Japanese translation company at home. It has a Japanese translation team consisting of members who not only have excellent translation ability, rich translation experience and profound industrial background, but also maintain close cooperation with some academic institutions in Japan and other Japanese translation companies at home. Our Japanese translators include both Chinese who have studied or worked in Japan for a long time and Japanese, who are able to provide all-round Japanese translation services with proficiency in both Japanese and Chinese and rich knowledge in respective fields.

Fields of Japanese translation

Techniques, bidding documents, websites, multimedia, papers, automobiles, contracts, software, finance, laws, medicine, dubbing, foreign trade, chemical, business, etc. 

Advantages in Japanese translation

Timely delivery of quality works

All the documents will be reviewed by experts at relevant languages and delivered on time with guaranteed quality.


We’ll be your reliable partner as we sign a confidentiality agreement with every client and keep all the documents of the client strictly confidential.

Thoughtful services

We provide complete solutions for translation projects ranging from consulting, design and implementation to typesetting and binding.

Quality orientation

If a client requires improvement of a final document we submit, we’ll revise it till the client feels satisfied with it.