Company Profile
Company Profile

Company Profile

Beijing Century Eng-smart Cultural Exchange Company is a globally-oriented company that plays the role as a bridge between the east and the west. We have
operations in more than 100 countries worldwide and offer diverse cultural exchange services and programs including: multi-language translation services,
business exchange, business trip service, service for arts & music festivals, and language classes. Since 2002, we have served more than 240,000 clients
around the world and gained high reputation and clients’ appraisal.

Our workforce and partners

Thanks to our devoted work, we have hired or worked with many committed talents and organizations, including multi-language translators, cultural exchange
experts, local businesses, famous travel agents, Chinese local departments, embassies in China and other countries and education agencies.

Our history

In view of market demand and its own unique advantages, China Daily registered its fully funded translation company with the Administration for Industry and
Commerce to provide multilingual translation services.


1. We accepted the translation projects of state ministries and commissions, such as the Ministry of Commerce, and organized a special translation team
responsible for long-term translation services for such ministries and commissions;

2. Since its establishment, we have attracted great attention from society, and the customer base has been expanding steadily.


1. We outlined the corporate development goal, i.e. providing customers with perfect translation services and striving to become a first-class translation company;

2. As the number of customers increased, we established a special translation project department based on the project manager responsibility system, providing each customer with one-on-one service;

3. At the request of many clients, we offered proofreading and translation services provided by native speakers, which were highly appreciated.

1. We entered a stage of fast development. In a short time, the number of our customers kept rising, so did its public awareness. The turnover of the company
was more than twice as much as that in the previous year;

2. We became one of the translation service providers for 2008 Olympic Games.

4. We became the long-term translation partner of the Commercial Press;

5. We became the long-term translation partner of the Administration for Industry and Commerce;

6. According to the corporate development objective, we further improved the translation quality assurance system in order to provide guarantee for translation and service quality.

2015-the present:

1. To satisfy the need from market development, our company expanded into a global cultural exchange company. Consequently, our business lines go beyond
translation services and further cover cultural and educational fields.

2. We proactively connected with many international organizations to offer them business package services, translation & interpretation, business agents, etc.

3. We successfully launched paper translation and publication services based on our years of experiences and good cooperation with many global journals and magazines.

4. We organized and participated in many international cultural events by introducing well-known events to China and Chinese art groups and choirs to others

Our culture

Corporate values: trustworthy and outstanding service, customer priority, and constant progress

Corporate mission: to build a bridge for Chinese and western cultural exchange

Corporate vision: to become a world-class culture exchange agency

Notes to our core values:

As one of the first state-owned translation & cultural exchanged companies established after China’s reform and opening-up, Beijing Century Eng-Smart Culture Exchange Co., Ltd. has been upholding the business concepts of trustworthy and outstanding service, customer priority, and constant progress.
In the face of significant changes in our industry, we are confident and committed to meeting all challenges. In particular, we are dedicated to meeting the great trust imposed in us for each task and each specific assignment. For new customers, we are committed to making a professional impression on them from the very beginning of our business co-operation, whether it is through a telephone inquiry or an interview. In so doing, we are able to form a good idea about our customers’ requirements, and make positive efforts to make our new customers to be our old friends. Many new customers eventually consider us their long-term commercial partner, through initial trial, visit and increasingly harmonious cooperation. We also cherish our special relationship nurtured through long-term cooperation
with old customers. Be it free consultations, short translations, or large-scale projects, we coordinate our established working system with customers’ requirements to serve them in a disciplined way. We are striving to become a world-class translation company with good credit standing. To this end, we would like to work
with all of our customers, and also make our own contributions to the development of our partners by offering satisfactory services.