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English translation

English is the language that involves the biggest quantity of translation in the world, and accounts for 85% of the total quantity of translation in China. Translation of different materials is mainly about translation between English and Chinese and also includes translation between English and other languages. CESC is among the biggest English translation service providers at home. Since its establishment, it has aimed to forge English translation into the top brand, and set up English Legal Translation Department, English Engineering Translation Department, English Machinery Translation Department and English Financial Translation Department. Currently, English translation at CESC covers 12 fields including engineering, medicine, chemical, aviation and automobiles. 

Main languages

Translation from English to Chinese, translation from Chinese to English, translation from English to Japanese, translation from Japanese to English, translation from English to Korean, translation from Korean to English, translation from English to French, translation from French to English, translation from English to Russian, translation from Russian to English, translation from English to traditional Chinese, translation from traditional Chinese to English

Fields of English translation

Automobiles, chemical, aviation, medicine, petroleum, geology, finance, engineering, machinery, technologies, architecture, literatures, etc.

Scope of services:

Papers, bidding documents, contracts, websites, auditor’s reports, books, drawings, manuals, instructions, etc.