Game translation

CESC provides quality services of game translation, including one-stop game website translation, game software localization, game product translation, game video materials translation and commercial game script translation. With deep involvement in translation focused on Internet and localization, CESC has served a number of international game companies, and gathered elite translators from over 30 countries and regions. With the forms of translation including but not limited to translation, interpretation and localization, it has provided quality services to many developers of web games, mobile games and client games. 

Fields of game translation

Online games, web games, mobile games and client games.

Advantages in games

Rich industrial experience: Since 2001, we’ve provided localization and translation services for more than 1,000 games that cover online games, mobile games, game product information and game websites.

Gathering of senior game translators: All of our translators have seven years of game translation experience or above and successfully completed a number of game translation projects; we also have native speakers as translation experts to ensure the translated games to be in authentic and fluent languages.

Strict control over quality: We implement a rigorous quality control process from personal game experience, extraction and update of the terminology bank to three times of proofreading and three times of review to ensure delivery of quality translation works.

CAT translation: We use trados, wordfast and other translation memory tools to keep both translation styles and terms consistent, and share our game terminology bank effectively. 

Full-course thoughtful service: We allocate a special project manager to every translation project, who will learn about customer needs at any time and make timely response to ensure completion of quality works.