Medical translation

CESC is dedicated to the translation in fields related to basic and clinical medicine, biological pharmacy and technologies, new drug application materials, medical apparatuses, cosmetics, food safety and veterinary medicine. CESC has a highly competent medical translation team consisting of members with master’s degrees or above, profound medical background and rich experience, and is backed by dozens of senior translation advisors and several foreign experts. With the Medical Translation Department, Technical Support Department and Design & Printing Department in place, CESC is capable of providing services from translation, proofreading and editing to localization, design, printing and binding, and thus meeting the demand of clients both at home and abroad. Thanks to excellent quality and thoughtful services, CESC has expanded presence into all the major countries in Asia, America and Europe. 

Fields of medical translation:

(1)Physiology, pathology, anthropotomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, cytobiology, bioengineering, biological diagnosis, medical genetics, medical immunology, medical microbiology, prophylactic medicine, epidemiology, medical statistics, medical management, TCM basic theories, TCM diagnosis and other fields of basic medicine;

(2)Pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, pharmacoanalysis, pharmaceutics, preparations formula and process, source and quality standards of raw and auxiliary materials, drug test reports, biopharmacy, acute toxicity and chronic toxicity tests for new drugs, skin irritation tests, productivity, development and genetic toxicity tests, Phase I-IV clinical tests for new drugs (international multi-center clinical tests, double-blind tests and randomized controlled tests), application dossier for new drug registration, investigator’s brochures, instructions for use, drug patents and drug research contracts, etc.;

(3)IEC reports, instructions for equipment like X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, DICOM, linear accelerators, pressure generators, breathing machines, blood purifiers, heart pacemakers, surgical instruments and dental medical instruments, registration materials, materials about radiation, nuclear medicine, labs and clinical diagnosis.


CESC has set up a medical translation department consisting of professional medical translators and advised by externally engaged medical workers.


CESC has developed a terminology bank for the unification of translation styles and medical terms; it has a decade of experience in medical translation, and established long-term partnership with many pharmaceutical institutions.

A strong sense of responsibility 

We have a complete translation process that ensures quality translation; we provide considerate services to meet customer needs at any time and follow up project progress.