Petrochemical translation

Petrochemical translation is a sector with far-reaching influence on national economy. At CESC, representative projects of Petrochemical translation include CNOOC’s 600,000-word translation project and safety regulation translation project and Sinopec’s multi-language translation project about the Iranian oilfield. Besides, we’ve also translated safe operation regulations for a number of foreign petrochemical companies. We always uphold the philosophy of “sincere service, quality service, clients first and constant improvements”, and provide clients with quality and professional translation services through unified quality control standards and processes.

Fields of Petrochemical translation

Block materials package, technical literatures, profiles, annual reports, brochures and conference materials of Petrochemical companies; technical standards, industrial codes, product manuals; commercial contracts, bidding documents, special projects; scientific papers and academic reports.

Advantages in Petrochemical translation

Specialization and accuracy 

Petrochemical is a highly specialized industry, and thus requires translators to clearly understand relevant terms and translate them in a professional, accurate and standard way. Every member of the translation team has sufficient experience to complete any translation job in the field.

Keeping up with the time

The Petrochemical industry is related to high-grade and precision fields, which see fast update of knowledge. So, every member on CESC’s Petrochemical team works to be kept updated on the latest knowledge to better competent to any translation job in the field.


As Petrochemical translation serves international Petrochemical trade, translators highlight internationalization and work to be geared up to global practice.


Unlike literary translation, Petrochemical translation requires no flowery language but precise and concise words and rigorous logic; words that easily lead to misunderstanding or even errors shall be avoided.