IT Translation

IT translation involves a variety of sectors and is highly specialized. CESC boasts a professional IT translation team, which can gain a thorough understanding of the IT terms in clients’ documents and accurately express them in target languages. Relying on the excellent IT translation team, CESC has established partnership with a number of IT companies either at home or abroad. CESC strictly controls the quality of translated works from translation and proofreading to editing and page makeup, and thus wins praise and trust from many clients and becomes their long-term provider of translation services.

Fields of IT translation

Books, commercial documents, newspaper, records, films, TV programs, voice, images, videos, website localization, technical materials, product manuals, industrial standards, multi-media, technical codes and manuals.

IT translation requirements 

Specialization and accuracy

IT is a highly specialized industry, with terms making up a complete system. Only with in-depth understanding of the IT industry and terms can translators translate in a professional, accurate and standard way.


Foreign technologies take the dominant position in the IT industry. In either introducing foreign technologies into China or promoting home-made products overseas, IT translation must be geared up to international practice.

Preciseness and conciseness 

IT translation requires precise and concise use of words and strict logic instead of flowery language. Words that easily cause ambiguity must be avoided, as minor mistakes in translation may bring huge loss to clients. 


IT translation involves high technologies, some of which are extremely crucial and related to trade secrets or even national security. So, translators shall strictly follow professional ethics and keep clients’ secrets confidential.