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German translation

As the mother tongue of more than 100 million people, German is widely used in technology, sports, business and other fields. With the progress of reform and opening-up, China has seen increasing exchanges with Germany in politics, economy & trade, technology and culture, and the demand for German translation evolves towards a higher level. As a specialized German translation company in Beijing, CESC has years of experience in German translation and provides both enterprises and individuals with German translation, interpretation and SI services in a wide range of fields.

Fields of German translation

Certificates, medicine, finance, websites, multi-media, software, foreign trade, bidding documents, books, contracts and papers.

Advantages in German translation

Timely delivery of quality works

All the documents will be reviewed by experts at relevant languages and delivered on time with guaranteed quality.


We’ll be your reliable partner as we sign a confidentiality agreement with every client and keep all the documents of the client strictly confidential.

Thoughtful services

We provide complete solutions for translation projects ranging from consulting, design and implementation to typesetting and binding.

Quality orientation

If a client requires improvement of a final document we submit, we’ll revise it till the client feels satisfied with it.