Legal translation

CESC has been dedicated to legal translation for years, and is one of the most representative legal translation providers in Beijing. With dozens of domestically or internationally famous translation advisors and several foreign experts on its legal translation team, CESC has cooperated with courts and famous law firms for years, providing them with legal translation and interpretation services. Thanks to our outstanding quality and considerate services, we’ve expanded presence in all the major countries in Asia, America and Europe, and won reputation as a customized translation service provider.

Fields of legal translation

Laws and regulations, contracts and agreements, lawsuits and arbitrations, legal works, household registers, case analysis, legal documents, court documents, leasing contracts and legal books, etc.

CESC’s commitment about legal translation

Timely delivery

Every legal document we translate can be delivered to our client on time or in advance to give the client enough time to review.

High quality at the same price

We fulfill what clients entrust to us with high quality and ensure the error rate of every translated legal document to fall within the allowable range of industrial standards.


We make confidentiality the core of our professional ethnics. We sign a confidentiality agreement with every client, and will take legal responsibility once client information is disclosed. 

Timely after-sales service

After a translation project is completed, we’ll learn about client feedback and revise documents based on their opinions until our clients feel satisfied.